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Bosten IT Consulting  
  Eric Bosten
Last name Bosten
First names Eric Johannes Maria
Zip code, town 6243AD Geulle
Telephone +31 (0)43 36 53 53 1
Mobile +31 (0)6 28 64 63 58
Day of birth January 19th 1970
Nationality Dutch
Marital status Married
Driver license B
Eric is a professional consultant working in IT since 1995. He has strong analytical skills and is experienced in architecture, system analysis and system development using Oracle and Java in a Service Oriented Architecture. He has knowledge of developing standard and guidelines for system development. He has a very pragmatic attitude and is focused on the wishes of the client and the maintainability of the delivered systems. Eric has the ability to change between a high level view and a detailed view. He can translate architecture ambitions and goals into detailed system designs. He has experience as an architect supporting the business. Eric is a strong team player.
Eric had his own company (contractor) since 2009. He is able to quickly adjust and be productive in a new organization.

Industry Experience • Insurance
• Telecom
• Financials
• Social security
• Energy & Utilities
• Transport
• Government

Knowledge and competence • Architectuur (TOGAF, Archimate)
• Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
• Analysis and design
• Software development
• Oracle (database, Developer, Designer)
• JEE, Java, JPA, Spring (Batch), XML, XSD, XLST
• IBM IAA (Insurance Application Architecture)
• BRMS, IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules
• Coaching
• Team leader

Career Summary 2009 - to date Bosten IT Consulting
  2001 - 2009 Logica
  2000 - 2001 OC Centor (freelancer)
  1995 - 2000 X-tern Automatiseringsdiensten
  1992 - 1995 Physics, TU Eindhoven
  1988 - 1992 Physics, HTS Heerlen
Employer: Bosten IT Consulting (freelancer)

April 2010 - to date JEE Software Architect
After preparing the Project Start Architecture at business side (see previous assignment) Eric is asked to define the software architecture of a greenfield collaboration of multiple systems. These systems are responsible for the collection of data and premium payments. The main design exists of a separate process layer based on IBM WebSphere Process Server. The presentation layer is based on Microsoft dotNet. The backend exists of JEE servers. The knowledge-intensive services in the backend are implemented with a business rule engine (IBM ILOG JRules).
Eric defines a design method in which the complete service landscape is designed with UML. A contract first approach is used to deliver the service contracts to the process and presentation layer teams. Eric, as the software architect, is responsible for reviewing the use cases, use case realizations and monitoring the non-functional requirements. Eric is also responsible for the realization of the performance requirements. In collaboration with developers performance improvements are defined based on detailed analyses and metrics. With his focus on design and proper documentation Eric has proven to stay in control and guarantee a high level of quality. Eric has the ability to quickly switch from high-level concepts to implementation details. This skill gives him the ability to communicate with a broad range of stakeholders and translate the requirements in real working software.

September 2009 - April 2010 Architect
Eric supports the business of a large Dutch pension fund. The intake of data and premium payments needs to be modernized. The business wants some IT contra expertise to verify the architecture and solutions presented by IT supply. He makes use of the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) to execute the verification. Eric acts as a member of a team of architects. He is co-author of the Project Start Architecture (PSA) as part of the DYA model. The main focus is around business drivers, architecture decisions, functional scoping and quality attributes. He is a valuable addition to the team by his accurate and precise way of working.

Employer: Logica

March 2007 - September 2009 JEE Software architect
As a software architect participating in a research and development project for a new JEE based development street. The development process is based upon Rational Unified Process (RUP). The development tool stack is based on IBM/Rational products. The project team is using Rational Software Architect (RSA v7) with a focus on Model Driven Design (MDD/MDA). Initially IBM IAA (Insurance Application Architecture) is used within this organization. Processes are automated using IBM WebSphere Process Server, the user interface is based upon portal technology. A first set of services is developed as starting point for a SOA. Business rules are implemented using ILOG JRules. During design and realization Eric acts as an architect/designer responsible for accessing the database. The activities consist of defining the services/messages and transformations. In addition, a team of 5 junior/medior developers is lead and coached.

May 2005 – March 2007 System analyst / architect
At an international insurance company Eric acted as a system analyst and as an architect. As system analyst Eric is responsible for defining functional specifications for several systems. One system is a desktop illustration system and the other is web-based application for new business. The Microsoft tools are used for the development. Eric translates the requirements into specifications. He is able to speak the language of the users and the developers. This insurance company is very market driven and very dynamic with tight deadlines for the delivery of the software. Eric managed even under these difficult circumstances to improve the quality of the functional designs.
After the merge with a German company a difficult system integration problem needed to be solved. Eric acted as an architect to design a messaging infrastructure with louse-coupled systems; web services using MQSeries and XLST transformations.

March 2005 - May 2005 Designer / research
Eric developed a workshop as part of the Java competence within LogicaCMG Netherlands. This workshop is about JHeadstart; a J2EE framework to boost productivity. This framework is based on the 4GL experiences with declarative programming. Eric also presented this workshop in various LogicaCMG offices in The Netherlands. Eric showed that he is on top of new techniques and with his natural enthusiasm he can present this information to a team.

October 2004 - Februari 2005 Designer / developer
For regional training centers (ROC) an existing Oracle client/ server application is extended with a new module based upon web-based technology. This is realized by using E-platform, LogicaCMG’s platform for productive developing web applications. Eric is lead designer; he is responsible for the technical design. He acts as an intermediary between the teams which realize the front-end and the designers of the database. Eric has a rare combination of Oracle - and Java-knowledge, which is very valuable in this project. Parts of the used technology are web services, XML and XLST.

July 2004 - September 2004 Designer / developer
Within a ‘Waterschap’ the ICT strategy stipulates that new applications are uniformly developed using web-based technology. A new planning application must be designed and build for maintenance. Eric is responsible for the whole design and realization. A data model is established that it is implemented in IBM DB/2. Using IBM WebSphere studio a full force J2EE application is developed using Struts and JSP’s. Eric also presented the end product to the user community.

October 2003 – June 2004 Designer / developer
Vlive4: Eric is responsible for delivering the software design for a major change in an application used for GPRS administration. He analyzed the existing software and created a detailed impact analysis. He also designed, developed and implemented the migration process. All the development is done within a Oracle database.
Prepaid Roaming Topup: Developing a new service on a J2EE platform. This is part of an education track in which Eric is developing Java skills. The development is done on a BEA WebLogic application server

July 2003 – October 2003 Testmanager
Energy & Utilities
The energy market in The Netherlands is switching to a private business model. A third party developed a so called ‘reconciliation engine’. LogicaCMG is responsible for integrating this software with the existing systems. Eric is a test manager responsible for coordinating and executing several tests. He is acting as an intermediary between client and third party software developer.

March 2002 – June 2003 Specialist methods and techniques / designer
In this assignment Eric had two roles. He acted as an advisor for Oracle Designer 6i. He was responsible for the design of the development environment. He recommends how to use Oracle CDM Advantage v2 and researched the possibilities of CDM RuleFrame. This preliminary consulting work was followed by the design and implementation of a framework to support the standard and guidelines for software development.

January 2002 – March 2002 Partial project leader / Oracle specialist
Social security
In The Netherlands six organizations are responsible for unemployment payments, they will be merged into one new organization. The six different application systems need to be reduced to one or two. To support this decision a detailed functional and technical analysis of all the six systems is required. As an objective independent Oracle professional Eric was asked to review all the Oracle related applications. He was also responsible for hiring and managing third party specialists that analyzed other than Oracle applications. All these specialists were part of a team who reported directly to him.
This was a very divers job and consisted of creating questionnaires, performing code reviews, managing a team of experts, writing review reports and participating in the process of forming the conclusive report.

August 2001 – December 2001 Oracle specialist
After many years of developing Oracle software Eric was asked to research the new possibilities of Software Configuration Management (SCM) using the tool Oracle Designer 6i. He created a theoretical scope to examine all the new features as release-management, issue-management, and environment-management.
The result was a handbook with standards and guidelines. Eric presented this knowledge to several customers. The main focus was to adapt the possibilities of the tool to the organization.

Employer: freelancer

November 2000 – June 2001 Technical project leader / designer
A distributor of books manages a big part of the stock of several publishers. These publishers use electronic messaging to get stock information on a daily bases. This electronic messaging needs to be redesigned. Eric created a functional and a very detailed technical design. The build process is partially done by outsourcing.
Eric was as a technical project leader responsible for the planning and the communication with the third party who did the software development.

Employer: X-Tern Automatiseringsdiensten / ICT Automatisering

January 1999 – March 2000 Research & Development employee
At this former employer there was a vacancy for Research & Development employee, which Eric fulfilled. His primary goal was to support the junior developers in the company. Eric was also responsible for managing the knowledge system. He kept up to date with the latest trends in the Oracle community. This knowledge was shared with all the employees through newsletters and presentations. In this job Eric was very pro-active to develop and support all kinds of initiatives within the company.

October 1995 – Dec. 1998 Designer / developer
Eric worked for quite a long time for one customer as a Oracle Developer. This period was used to develop a custom-made template package. This created a consistent ‘look and feel’ across all the new developed applications within the organization. This template package was based upon Oracle HeadStart template.

Business Skills Skill Experience
  Architect 3 year
  Software Architect 5 years
  Software Developer 15 years
  System Designer 10 years
  Test manager 2 years
  Specialist methods and techniques 8 years
  Team coach 2 years
  Technical projectleader 2 years
  System Analyst 2 years
IT Skills Skill Experience
  Enterprise Architectuur (Togaf) 1 year
  Archimate 1 year
  Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM) 1 year
  Insurance Application Architecture (IAA) 1 year
  JEE, Java, XML, XSD, XLST, EJB, JSP, JSF, JPA, Hibernate, JDBC, JUnit, DBUnit, JAX-WS, JAX-B, CXF, Maven, BPEL 6 years
  Eclipse, Rational Software Architect (RSA)
WebSphere Application Server (WAS), Tomcat
6 years
  Oracle JDeveloper, JHeadstart 3 years
  Oracle Designer / Forms (v1, v2, v6) 11 years
  Oracle PL/SQL (DB v7, v8, v9, v10, 11) 15 years
Languages Dutch Native
  English Fluent
  German Proficient
2013 TOGAF 9 Certified The Open Group

Certified SOA Architect (SOACP)
• Fundamental SOA & Service Oriented Comp
• SOA Technology Concepts
• SOA Design & Architecture
• Advanced SOA Design & Architecture
2010 Developing Business Integration Solutions for IBM WebSphere Process Server - I IBM
2010 Developing Business Rule Applications with IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules V7.0 IBM
2008 SUN Certificed Enterprise Architect (SCEA) SUN
2007 Masterclass: Applying Architecture DNV (CIBIT)
2005 Masterclass: Enterprise Integration & SOA DNV (CIBIT)
2004 Certified voor Rational Unified Process IBM
2003 SUN Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) SUN
2002 Java education
• Distributed programming with Java
• Object oriented programming with Java
• Visual programming with Java
2001 Software Configuration Management with Oracle Designer 6i Oracle
1999 Basisopleiding projectmanagement ISIS
1995 Physics (P, D1, D2) TU Eindhoven
1992 Physics HTS Heerlen


Eric is available from:
December 2014

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